With Dextra, Alelo stabilizes online services and reduces costs

When Alelo first approached Dextra, they outlined a series of objectives they sought to achieve with the partnership. First and foremost was the need for an easy-to-use web platform, which would allow users to easily review balances and monitor extractions. The benefits company also sought a number of other, similar resources aimed at simplifying the lives of Alelo cardholders. The results, Meu Alelo Web (My Alelo Online), was so successful that it led to a parallel, fully-integrated mobile platform.

It all began at the end of 2017

As the year came to an end, Alelo became aware of a growing necessity to find a new service provider in order to recreate their customer-targeted online offerings. The company needed a partner with an eye for innovative ideas and with professionals that bring a diverse skill set to the table. Alelo also realized that this partner would have to be adaptable and reliable when it came to working with Alelo’s own in-house development team.

Though the competition was fierce, Dextra got the nod. The partnership allowed Alelo’s lean team to grow overnight and brought a wave of innovation, stemming from Dextra’s rich experience with companies from other industries. The sqaud that Dextra assembled brought together both technical expertise and business savvy, and accepted the challenge of delivering a new web portal on a tight deadline: 6 months.

Dextra wasted no time in learning Alelo’s existing infrastructure, identifying needs and mapping out an innovative course of action. As a result, the project was able to get underway quickly, with full support from both sides. First, the platform’s usability was enhanced by Dextra’s team of UX (user experience) experts, who ran experiments, collected feedback and ultimately addressed the needs of both Alelo and their users. The platform also became much more scalable.

My alelo - Dextra

“Dextra brought about a profound change in both our technology and philosophy. They developed everything in just six months and at the same time had the entire web version in production. They changed the very way we engage in development — bringing a fully-prepared team, rolling their sleeves up, and immediately getting their hands dirty. This provided us a with new degree of agility.”

Carlos Montoia
Senior Systems Analyst, Alelo

New functionalities were added, such as the ability to unblock or cancel cards in the case of loss or theft. The tool also became a channel for exclusive promotions and updates from Alelo. In the end, it was a major success that had a direct impact on Alelo’s bottom line.

My Mobile Alelo

Shortly after, Dextra took over management of Alelo’s mobile app, “Meu Alelo” – an end-to-end interface which had a number of unresolved issues. Dextra took care of these bugs and added new functionalities along the way. Among these new capabilities were functions that were already available to users on the Alelo mobile site, including the ability to check balances and monitor withdrawals. Finally, both the front-end and back-end were reformulated using React and Java.

Furthermore, new security resources were adopted, such as the incorporation of Captcha, cryptography, and authentication tokens. These state of the art technologies resulted in a significant overall improvement to the mobile app.

As of writing, Dextra and Alelo are in the process of reconstructing the application in its entirety. This will consist of all new end-to-end architecture based on encapsulation (i.e. micro-services), the orchestration of Kubernetes containers, and a new user interface (UX) to increase the simplicity and speed of the end-user experience.

“From Day 1, all the way through the release date, this has been an excellent partnership. Together, we even helped design the Meu Alelo business model. And although the first project came to us already close to being complete; we’ve been steadily gaining Alelo’s confidence ever since. So much so that, today, we are helping to model the product’s entire path, from concept to production.

Guilherme Gotardo
Senior Programming Analyst, Dextra

The product has been slated for release within the current year (2018). And the expectations go far beyond simply attracting more users to the app, by reducing bugs and improving user experience.

The new version will come with brand-new, advanced resources, such as: switching one’s point-of-sale PIN number, therefore eliminating the need to call customer support. Another advanced resource will be the ability for users to easily change the e-mail address registered to their account. This becomes particularly helpful for those in the process of changing jobs — and therefore email addresses — who wish to maintain everything about their existing account, with the exception of the new e-mail address. Although such a case might sound somewhat obscure, it had become a frequent and resource intensive problem for Alelo.

“The advantages will prove extremely relevant for the coming year. Our work is making the application increasingly important to Alelo cardholders.”

Alexsandro Fancio
Manager of Digital Channels, Alelo


- Improved overall experience for Meu Alelo users;
- Improved scalability;
- Reduced operating costs associated with the telephone-based Customer Service Center;
- Implementation of new functionalities in both the web-based and mobile applications;;
- Integration between these two platforms;
- Reformulation of both the back and front-ends using more up-to-date architectures & technologies;
- New security resources implemented;
- Improved stability to address increasing usage rates (3.5 million unique sessions / month);
- Complete restructuring of the new version of the app.

My alelo - Dextra

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