Confidence launches a new experience for their customers
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Travelex | Confidence launches a new experience for their customers

Since its foundation, Confidence has always worked exclusively focused on the foreign exchange market. This expertise has made them a leader in the foreign exchange market in Brazil, due to broad portfolio of products and services for both tourism exchange and for international payments. In 2013, Confidence Group has joined the world’s largest foreign exchange group Travelex with presence in 30 countries through a network of over 1,500 stores. Now the company that best understands exchange in Brazil is part of the group that best understands exchange in the world.

Using the currency exchange solutions for individuals or corporations, Confidence customers evolve every day, expanding their businesses and winning new opportunities. The great challenge for Dextra in reinventing the way customers execute their operations, making it more convenient and simple was to connect plans and achievements using than solution.

The result was the crestion of a new website and online store application on native platforms with unique solutions where the user can perform currency exchange operations in a direct and uncomplicated manner. With full security and top speed on your computer or smartphone through intuitive platform, built using the best of user experience techniques, Confidence customers can:


  • Purchase various types of foreign currency in cash;
  • Select a Delivery service to receive the currency at home or work;
  • Find stores
  • Buy and reload prepaid cards
  • View card balance
  • Lock and unlock card
  • Send money abroad using 100% digital operations
  • View the history of transactions
  • Use online chat to ask questions
  • Check information from service channels

Meet the new Confidence and download the app:

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