Dextra takes its expertise in creating software for digital retail transformation to NRF – Retail’s BIG Show

From January 17th to 20th, Dextra will attend the NRF- Retail’s BIG Show in New York City, one of...

Publish Date: 01/13/2016

From January 17th to 20th, Dextra will attend the NRF- Retail’s BIG Show in New York City, one of the biggest retail events worldwide. During the four days, the atendees will have the opportunity to follow lectures, exchange knowledge and experiences, network and have access to a pavillion packed with the latest technologies and solutions in the market.

Always looking to be aligned with the main technological trends in retail and seeking the highest excellence and customer satisfaction, Dextra will attend the event held annually. Some of the topics covered will be Mobile Marketing, Omnichannel Solutions, eCommerce IT Operations, Big Data for eCommerce, the Internet of Things applied to the Retail Business, New Technologies for Human Resources Management, among others.

Among many customized software projects, Dextra has several cases in the retail area. Marisa stores app was built to support the demand for accessibility of retailer information on Android and iOS platforms. The app provides simple and quick access to information on Marisa’s relationship with its customers on top of the classic features from the old relationship card.

Digital transformation is a priority for the retail growth in the coming years. Dextra specializes in innovation and agile development since 2007, having more than 1 million hours of agile projects. “We will take to the NFR all our expertise in the creation, development and deployment of web applications, mobile, platforms and APIs that meet the demands of digital retail transformation. In addition, we are working in Brazil and the USA and we have plans to expand our share of the US market in the coming months. Participation in the NFR is part of this growth strategy,” says Bill Coutinho, Dextra´s Director of Technology.


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