Globosat Viva channel new website improves user experience

With a brand new user focused design, the portal has also migrated its content to a whole new infrastructure....

Publish Date: 04/04/2016
Canal viva lança plataforma web, que conta com a infraestrutura mais moderna desenvolvida pela Dextra, para facilitar a equipe de conteúdo da emissora

With a brand new user focused design, the portal has also migrated its content to a whole new infrastructure.

Viva channel, from Globosat group, has just launched its new web platform, with a more robust, stable and modern infrastructure, with new usability features developed by Dextra. The novelty provides easier execution for the teams responsible for the station’s content management and improves user experience when using mobile devices for portal access.

Globosat hired Dextra to perform the migration of content and structure the new layout of Viva channel website. “The new portal design offers a more pleasant user experience with easier navigation especially for those who accesing via mobile devices,” said Cassiano Froes, Globosat New Media Technology Manager.


About Viva channel

Focused at adult audience, the entertainment channel shows Brazilian TV classics and captures the emotional memory of the viewer by beloved characters from television programs and record-breaking audiences. They are established content such as soap operas, comedy and musicals, as well as international artists and own productions. Also are shown in alternative schedules from Globo (the main channel) the productions “Mais Você”, “Estrelas”, “Caldeirão do Huck” and “Video Show”.

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